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Judith Park

Judith Park (born May 19, 1984 in Duisburg ) is a German manga -style illustrator of Korean descent.


She made her debut with the short story A rotten day , with which she prevailed against around 90 competitors in the Cologne Manga Magic competition and won first place.

In 2004 Carlsen Comics published the series Dystopia , a story about dealing with the death of a loved one, the first chapter of which was published in the manga magazine Daisuki . In 2005, Dystopia was awarded the Sondermann Audience Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the category Manga self-published (national) . At the same time, she drew the seven-page short story Penpal for a free Deutsche Bahn comic magazine .

In 2005 she published her second series Ysquare , the first chapters of which were also reprinted in the Daisuki . Unlike Dystopia , YSquare is a comedy. In 2005 she also started with Hangoryo , a short story for the Korean magazine Urishinmun, which is published in Germany . In 2006, Park released her short Comic Vacation Club , which features some of the characters from YSquare for their second appearance. This comic can only be seen on the Internet so far. From autumn 2006 her latest work Ysquare Plus was published , also in Daisuki . In November 2007 it was finally released as a single volume. In March 2007, Carlsen released the short comic Luxus as part of the Chibi Manga series. KimChi was then announced as her first extended series.

As part of the Erlangen Comic Salon , illustrations by Judith Park together with DuO , Fahr Sindram , Christina Plaka , Anike Hage , Gina Wetzel , Ying Zhou Cheng and Nina Werner were exhibited in the Manga made in Germany gallery .


  • A rotten day (2002)
  • Dystopia (2004)
  • Penpal (2004)
  • Ysquare (2 volumes, 2005–2007)
  • Hangoryo (2005)
  • Vacation Club (2006)
  • Luxury (2007)

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