Chief Minister of the Isle of Man

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Isle of Man Coat of Arms

The Chief Minister ( English Chief Minister , Manx Ard-choylargh ) of the Isle of Man is the executive member of the Tynwald , the parliament of the Isle of Man. The Chief Minister is elected for a five-year term by the Tynwald MPs after parliamentary elections. The incumbent can be re-elected at the end of his term of office if he is still a member of the Tynwald. The office of Supreme Minister was created in December 1986. Before that, the chairman of the executive council was head of government.

In November 2006, the third to last election of a Supreme Minister took place after the parliamentary elections. Candidates for the House of Keys were not required to make public their intention to run for the office of Supreme Minister prior to the election. John Shimmin announced in late July that he would apply if he was re-elected. At the November 25 registration deadline for the post, candidates were John Shimmin, Secretary of Health Steve Rodan and former Treasury Secretary David Cannan . None of the three was successful in the first ballot, as none of them could bring the necessary 16 members of the Tynwald behind them. House of Keys Speaker Tony Brown was the only candidate in the second round on December 14th. He was elected unopposed with 27 votes.


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