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Christian Friedrich von Byla (baptized August 12, 1704 in Uthleben , † January 31, 1775 in Ellrich ) was a Prussian chief forest master and manor owner.


He came from the Uthleben branch of the Thuringian noble family von Byla and was the son of the manor owner Friedrich Jost von Byla (Bila) († July 14, 1725 in Uthleben) and his third wife Margretha nee von Leuthorst (buried on June 6, 1714 in Uthleben ).

In 1721 he joined the Prussian military and rose to become captain in the von Borckische regiment in Magdeburg, major in the Prussian infantry regiment von Bornstedt and finally to lieutenant colonel in the infantry regiment von Jung-Stutterheim.

On December 15, 1745 he took part as a captain in the battle of Kesselsdorf , in which he was injured.

After more than 40 years, he retired from military service in 1764 and was appointed Prussian chief forest master. As such, he worked in the brands for four years. At the age of 65 he asked for his retirement for health reasons. Although he was allowed to retire from the service, he received no pension and then settled in the Prussian town of Ellrich in the Prussian county of Hohenstein , where he died in the winter of 1775.

On March 9, 1771 he transferred his fiefdom in Uthleben to his son, the then lieutenant Christian Friedrich von Byla , in spite of internal family protests and with the consent of the Frankenhausen government in Schwarzburg . He died on October 15, 1800 on his Uthleben estate, leaving behind the widow Wilhelmina von Byla, the eldest son Friedrich von Byla and several other minors.


Christian Friedrich von Biela was married twice, first with Anna Theresa born von Minnigerode and from September 15, 1745 in Brumby with Anna Louise Becker. From the latter marriage, Christian Friedrich von Byla, who was baptized on July 24, 1746 in Magdeburg, was the only son.


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