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Ciril Kosmač (1932)

Ciril Kosmač (born September 28, 1910 in Slap ob Idrijci , † January 28, 1980 in Ljubljana , SFR Yugoslavia ) was a Yugoslav writer.


Kosmač came from the western Slovenian Primorska (coastal country), which fell to Italy after the First World War . He was the son of a farmer and attended school in Gorizia (Gorizia). There, as a nationally minded youngster, he soon came into conflict with the fascist regime and was imprisoned. After he was released, he left Italy illegally and went to Yugoslavia, where he lived in Ljubljana. In 1938 he went to France and during the Second World War to London , where he was active in the resistance. In 1944 he managed to enter Yugoslavia, where he joined the partisans. After the war Kosmač worked as a journalist, writer, dramaturge and also worked for film. He repeatedly had political difficulties in communist Yugoslavia , but was saved from consequences by his personal acquaintance with Tito .

In 1956 he settled in Portorož, where he spent the rest of his life. His house now houses a memorial room that is not open to the public. The house is since 2012 u. a. rented to photographers, statisticians, architects, occupational therapists, teachers, filmmakers and writers.

A museum dedicated to the writer is now located in Kosmač's house in Slap.


Kosmač wrote mainly short stories and also some shorter novels. He is counted in the direction of socialist realism . However, his style differs through a pronounced interest in philosophical problems and through his intellectualism, which brought him closer to Slovenian modernism. While in the stories from the 30s the interest in the needs of the common man and national freedom prevailed, an essayistic, emphatically intellectual, symbolic style made itself felt in the texts from the 50s.

  • Sreča in kruh , short stories 1946
  • Na svoji zemlji , 1949
  • Pomladni dan , Roman 1953 (German Spring Day , 1989)
  • Balada o trobenti in oblaku , Roman 1956/57 (German ballad of the trumpet and the cloud, 1966); Filming: Yugoslavia 1961 (Director: France Štiglic )
  • Iz moje doline , stories, Ljubljana 1958 (from which German luck comes flown, Frankfurt am Main 1964)
  • Tantadruj , Novelle 1959 (German Tantadruj, 1984); Radio play 1966
  • For body and soul, German 1961
  • The caterpillar, story German 1962
  • Izbrano delo I-IV , 1964

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