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Clara Michelson ( 1881 in Riga - July 27, 1942 in Auschwitz ) was a novelist who became a victim of the Holocaust .

Michelson was born as the second daughter of a well-off Jewish family. Her parents were culturally aligned with Germany. Clara Michelson was fluent in German, Russian and French. She attended a German elementary school and German secondary school and attended lectures with Georg Simmel at the University of Berlin and with Sigmund Freud in Vienna.

At the beginning of the First World War she was in Berlin, first returned to Russia and in 1917 traveled with her mother to the Caucasus , where she was surprised by the October Revolution and returned to Riga over the course of two years. From 1921 she lived in Berlin and from 1925 in Paris , where she worked as a novelist. She returned to Berlin in the early 1930s. After the Nazis came to power , she returned to Paris. In 1942 she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz , where she was murdered.


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