Cochise (English band)

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General information
Genre (s) Country rock
founding 1970
resolution 1972
Founding members
Stewart Brown (until 1971)
Guitar, keyboard , vocals
Mick Grabham
BJ Cole
Bass , vocals
Rick wills
John "Willie" Wilson (until 1972)
Last occupation
John Gilbert (since 1971)
Guitar, keyboard, vocals
Mick Grabham
Pedal steel guitar
BJ Cole
Bass, vocals
Rick wills
Roy O'Temro (1972 only)

Cochise was an English country rock band that released three albums from 1970 to 1972 and produced great musicians such as Mick Grabham and BJ Cole .


The band is better known for its musicians than the music of the band itself. After the band broke up, Mick Grabham released a solo album in 1972 and joined Procol Harum the following year .

Cole also recorded a solo album, New Hovering Dog , in 1972 before accompanying musicians like Elton John or joining the bands Uriah Heep , Pink Floyd , The Verve and others in the 1970s.

Rick Wills, also active for Foreigner in later years , and John "Willie" Wilson played for David Gilmour on his first solo album in 1978.

The track Home Again by Cochise was also released on the United Artists sampler All Good Clean Fun in 1971 .

All albums were re-released on CD in 2002 by Kissing Spell .




  • 1970: Watch This Space / 59th Street Bridge Song (United Artists)
  • 1970: Love's Made A Fool Of You / Words Of A Dying Man (Liberty)
  • 1971: Why I Sing The Blues / Jed Collder (Liberty)


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