Colada (cocktail)

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A Colada is a creamy, usually quite sweet tropical cocktail that always contains coconut cream and mostly rum as the base spirit and pineapple juice . By adding other ingredients such as cream , liqueur , syrup or the combination with other spirits and fruit juices, numerous variations are created.

The name of the drink group and at the same time its most famous representative is the Piña Colada , whereby the Spanish word “colada” simply means “sifted” and refers to the pineapple juice. Characteristic of all Coladas, however, is the coconut cream ( Cream of Coconut ) or coconut syrup or coconut milk they contain . The bartender Charles Schumann defines the components of a Colada as "coconut cream, cream, juices and spirits."

Other well-known coladas are Bahia , Swimming Pool (with vodka and Blue Curaçao ), Golden Colada and Flying Cangaroo (with Galliano and orange juice), French Colada (with crème de cassis or currant syrup ), Italian Colada (with amaretto ), Mexican Colada (with Kahlúa ), Strawberry Colada (with strawberries) and Pink (y) Colada (with grenadine ).

Individual evidence

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