Conan III. (Brittany)

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Conan III. (* 1095 - 17 September 1148 ), called the fat one ( le Gros ), was Duke of Brittany and Count of Nantes . He was the son of Duke Alain IV ( House of Cornouaille ) and Ermengarde of Anjou.

He followed his father when he abdicated in 1112. In the security of an alliance with the Capetian Ludwig VI. , the king of France , who protected him from surprises from the east, he took up the fight against the feudal lords, whereby he brought the country great progress in the maintenance of the peace. Conversely, he united his army with that of Louis VI. in his fight against Henry I , the King of England , although he was married to an illegitimate daughter of Heinrich, Mathilde († after 1128).

Descendants and dispute over succession

He had three children with Mathilde:

On his deathbed he disinherited his son Hoël with a view to the Duchy of Brittany. Hoël had to be content with the county of Nantes. Instead of his he recognized his grandson Conan IV. , The son of his daughter Berthe from her first marriage to Alain von Penthièvre, who was under the tutelage of Odo von Porhoët, Berthe's second husband, as heir. Disagreements about this succession resulted in a civil war that devastated Brittany for 50 years.


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