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Constantin Steingaden (born August 21, 1618 in Wangen im Allgäu , † March 6, 1675 in Konstanz ) was a German Franciscan minorite and church musician .


From 1631 Constantin Steingaden attended the Jesuit College in Lucerne , after which he joined the Franciscan Minorites. In 1644 he worked as an organ expert in Engelberg (Central Switzerland). Later he held the office of the prince-bishop Kapellmeister at the Konstanzer Munster , possibly until his death. In any case, in 1666, when his publications, which have survived to this day, appeared, he was still Kapellmeister at the cathedral church. These publications are the Flores hyemnales prompti ex horto a 3, 4 vocibus, cum 2 violinis, mottetis, missis, sonatis & vesperis op.4 (Konstanz 1666) and the concertate for four and five voices with instrumental accompaniment (Innsbruck 1666). There are also two other masses and three motets for four to six voices, some with the intended accompaniment by string instruments.

Steingaden's mass settings are unpretentious and always appropriate to the liturgical purpose. The text is never shortened, and moderate use of melisms ensures that the text is easy to understand. Accordingly, the instrumental accompaniment is also moderate: sometimes only two violins are required. In concertante passages, Steingaden avoided too frequent changes between groups of performers, and in sentences with long texts the division of parts remains the same, at least within each individual verse. Stylistically, Steingaden's masses are a mixture of old and new elements: On the one hand, expressive melodic lines are given more space, and there are also many solo passages; on the other hand, there are often modal expressions.

Recordings / sound carriers

  • Missa “Viva Mörspurg” and a Sonata a 5 , interpreted by the ensembles cantus et musica freiburg and Parnassi musici , conductor: Raimund Hug , on the CD Konstanz Cathedral Music of the 16th and 17th Centuries of the Spektral label (SRL4-09062) 2009


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