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Flower-like structure

Flower-like structure

Temporal occurrence
Upper Jurassic to Upper Cretaceous
161 to 65 million years
  • mainly North America, also Eurasia
without rank: Streptophyta
Empire : Plants (Plantae)
Department : Vascular plants (tracheophyta)
Subdivision : Seed plants (Spermatophytina)
Order : Bennettitales
Family : Cycadeoidaceae
Scientific name

The Cycadeoidaceae are an extinct group of seed plants and belong to the Bennettitales .


The representatives have a massive, little branched trunk. The leaves are usually pinnate and tufted at the end of the stems.

The cone-like reproductive organs sit between the leaf bases. They mostly contain both female and male organs, so they are bisporangiate. Reports of monosporangiate cones are unlikely to be accurate. The sporophylls and the scales between them are arranged parallel to one another. The ovules and seeds show ribs in cross section, which widen like wings towards the tip of the seed. The sarcotesta of the seed coat consists of cells elongated in the longitudinal direction.


The family includes the following genera:

  • Cycadeoidea
  • Monanthesia

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Individual evidence

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