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Sporophyll of the common potted fern with clusters of sporangia ( sori ) on the underside.

A sporophyll or spore leaf is a leaf that has sporangia in which spores are formed. Sporophylls occur in ferns and seed plants . In ferns, the sporophyll often has a structure that differs from the sterile leaves (trophophyll).

In heterosporic plants that form micro- and megaspores, a distinction is made between (male) microsporophylls and (female) megasporophylls . In the Bedecktsamern the stamens are interpreted as microsporophylls, the carpels as megasporophylls. The leaf character of the stamens and carpels is, however, controversial, which is why they are also referred to as sporangiophore.

A sporotrophophyll (also trophosporophyll) is a leaf that both produces spores and photosynthesis.


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