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Thin paper , even Bible paper or Bible paper called, is a wood-free and very thin, glued paper. It is opaque (high opacity ) and weighs between 25 and 60 g / m². Compared to the commonly used for the printing press used papers decrease with 90 to 120 g / m² by the use of bible paper weight and thickness of a book by half to three-quarters.

History and manufacture

Thin paper of the 19th century was first end for the Bible pressure used; from this the term "Bible printing paper" or "Bible paper" is derived.

It is made from rag and bleached kraft pulp .


Thin paper is mainly used for the production of large books that should not be very thick and not very heavy. It is mainly used for the production of Bibles and extensive reference works ; It is also used for hymn books , specialist magazines , legal texts , brochures , advertising material , PR material and pharmaceutical package inserts . Especially in the leaflet sector, the demands on paper are increasing due to the specifications regarding the font and the font size. But also classical literature with a larger text volume is printed on this paper. The Leipziger Insel Verlag was one of the pioneers here at the beginning of the 19th century and still maintains this tradition today. Other current examples of this paper use are the thin-print library of world literature , which is published by Winkler-Verlag in Munich, or, in the English-speaking world, the editions of the Library of America .

Because of its thinner thickness, the paper places higher demands on the printing machines used for printing (paper transport) and on the printing inks used (avoidance of bleeding through). Good quality paper has great opacity .


Bible paper is also ideal as cigarette paper . For example, a convict in Brendan Behan's autobiographical work Borstal Boy expresses the view that the Bible is the best book that he has been given to read while in custody - by the time he has come before the judge, he has read through the entire first book Moses smoked.

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