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Daniel Merck (born November 25, 1657 in Augsburg ; † December 1 or 2, 1717 there ) was a German violinist and composer.

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Daniel Merck attended high school near St. Anna (Latin School) in Augsburg, where he was a student of Tobias Kriegsdorfer . From 1678 he was cantor at the Barfüßerkirche and from 1686 as a valued violinist he was instrumental teacher at St. Anna. From 1697 to 1712 he was Georg Schmezer's successor as cantor at St. Anna.

In 1695 he wrote his textbook for string instruments, Compendium musicae instrumentalis Chelicae . This work is more dedicated to the normal violinist. Nevertheless, Merck mentions great violinists of his time such as Johann Jakob Walther or Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber in his work , “What the words Spiccato, Harpeggiato, which virtuoso art can be found as Herr von Biber” . The execution of fingerings is also dealt with and is an aid to today's baroque violinists in studying historical performance practice . The vibrato to be used as an ornament is marked with an "m".


  • Compendium musicae instrumentalis Chelicae: Kurtzer term, which shapes instrumental music on the violin, pratschen, viola da gamba and bass can be learned thoroughly and easily, Augsburg 1695.


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