Daphnis (magazine)

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description German science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Literary and cultural studies
language German English French
publishing company Publishing house Rodopi ( D )
First edition 1972
founder Hans-Gert Roloff
Frequency of publication four times a year
Editor-in-chief Ulrich Seelbach
editor Tobias Bulang , Miroslawa Czarnecka , Franz Eybl , Ursula Kocher , Marie Mourey , Wolfgang Neuber , Hans-Gert Roloff , Alexander Schwarz , Ulrich Seelbach , Robert Seidel , Stefanie Stockhorst
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Daphnis is the title of a specialist journal with a literary and cultural studies focus and a focus on German literature of the early modern period . The subtitle is accordingly "Journal for Middle German Literature and Culture of the Early Modern Age (1400–1750)".

The publication, which was launched by a number of international specialists in 1970, was published in its first year in 1972 by the Walter de Gruyter publishing house in Berlin. With Volume 5, she moved to Rodopi Verlag in Amsterdam in 1976 . The original group of six editors has grown over time to 15 people who hold chairs in Europe and North America. Editing is currently being supervised by Professor Ulrich Seelbach at Bielefeld University .

The magazine appears with four issues per year, each with a volume of around 200 pages, but can be combined into double issues when the occasion arises. In addition to larger articles, smaller miscommunications and reviews are published. From year 28 (1999) onwards, an online version of the magazine is also available for registered subscribers. A series of supplements to the “Daphnis” published by Rodopi from 1977 onwards has been called “Chloe” since 1984.

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