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The Dorli is a story by Luise Koppen . The work first appeared in Stuttgart in 1898 and was published in 20 editions by 1939 .


"Das Dorli", subtitled as "A story for children aged ten to fifteen" , describes the experiences of the ten-year-old Baron's daughter Dorothea Langenstein , known as Dorli , on 300 pages . She lives with her father and his sister, Aunt Sabine , on an estate in the country. The plot spans nine months.

Part 1: In the rectory

The first part ( In the rectory ) takes place in Dorli's parents' house during the summer holidays and tells in twelve chapters the adventures that the young girl experiences with her friends. For example, they go to a fair together or move the ring from Dorli's deceased mother to buy a goat for the poor neighbor. In the last section of the first part, Dorli learns from her father and her childless aunt Maria that she is to be sent to a girls' boarding house in Friedburg .

Part 2: In the pension

The second part of the text ( In the boarding house ) deals with Dorli’s time in the boarding school in 13 chapters from summer through the Christmas season to after Easter . She begins her school days there with the youngest pupils, called "the dwarfs". The second part of the story deals with Dorli's settling in in the girls' school, her experiences in school and in everyday school life and the growing friendship with the orphan Martina. The Dorli closes with a " happy ending ": Martina's adoption by Aunt Maria and her husband and the two girls vacationing together in Dorli's parents' house.

In art

Artistically, the work was also taken up by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. A woodcut on thick vellum from 1917 entitled “Das Dorli” was offered for sale by the Kunsthaus Christie's .

Individual evidence

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