David of ravens

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David von Raben (* around 1600 at Gut Raben Stück , Mecklenburg) was probably a German court official.


Raben was a son of the Mecklenburg District Administrator Jürgen von Raben and his second wife Clara von Sperling .

After first lessons at Stuck Castle by private tutors, Raben enrolled at the University of Greifswald on October 5, 1611 . In June 1615 he moved to the University of Rostock and spent the summer semester of 1617 at the University of Leipzig . In 1622 he successfully completed his studies with a visit to the Collegium illustrious in Tübingen .

Raben was married to Elisabeth von Oertzen .

On his long journeys in northern Germany, Prince Ludwig I (Anhalt-Köthen) accepted ravens into the Fruitful Society at the end of 1636 . He gave it the company name of the Pleasant and the motto in eyes . As an emblem he was given a red daisy ( Bellis perennis L. ). Raven's entry can be found in the Koethen Society Register under no. 300. The rhyme law that he wrote on the occasion of his admission is also recorded here:

High red thou beauties please the eyes,
In the pleasure gardens they precede almost everyone
The beautiful little flower of high red color.
I just bought the drum that I took.
Nothing more pleasing to the eyes of the Lord
When wan but God's word thier a milk we suck,
Which is made for food by his spirit,
The Vnß in Christ had brought the fruit of heaven.

Individual evidence

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