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The Bibliotheca Augustana is a digital library of e-texts from world literature in various languages, which Ulrich Harsch , formerly professor of communication design and electronic publishing at the Faculty of Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences , has made available as a private project on its web server since 1997 .

The litteraturae et artis collectio with Latin user guidance on the main page includes texts in the languages: Latin , Greek , German , English , French , Italian , Spanish , Polish , Russian and Yiddish . A museum virtuale contains images of works of art mainly from prehistoric times.

The criticism of Harsch's much-vaunted text collection, which is also highly regarded due to its elegant design, is that the actually used text basis of the e-text is often not given and the texts are therefore not quotable .

The website has been included in the long-term archiving program of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek since 2008.


Dieter E. Zimmer wrote in Zeit Online :

“Selected Latin, Greek, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Yiddish texts, graphically presented very exquisitely by Microsoft hater Ulrich Harsch, former professor of communication design and electronic publishing at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences […] The joke This bibliotheca consists in the fact that it and its narrow explanatory frame come entirely in Latin, including good advice such as cave Gatem et Exploratorem! Incidentally, whoever is less cavetful than the Internet anthologist of this site Billem Gatem has no less of it. The texts look so beautiful in Harsch's presentation that one almost thinks that the screen could perhaps remove the water from the printed book after all. "

Individual evidence

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