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An e-text (of electronic text ) is in a computer system of the present text , or more generally an electronic document with text content. If the content or form of the e-text is comparable to the medium of a book , it is more precisely referred to as an e-book . E-texts can come from retro-digitized publications, the content of which has been interpreted, for example, by means of text recognition or as text, or they can originally have been created as an electronic publication . E-texts are also referred to as full text when it should be emphasized that the characters are individually coded and are available and searchable ( full text search ).

Technical background

In order to be able to interpret data from a file as text, it must conform to a standard. The basis for electronic texts are the character encodings ASCII and Unicode . There are numerous document formats for further structuring and formatting, such as HTML , OpenDocument Format (ODF) , and LaTeX .

A simple text editor or special word processing software is sufficient to create and edit e-texts, depending on the format . Physical media must first be digitized for further processing .

E-texts on the net

There are many "free" texts in electronic form on the Internet, e.g. B. at Wikisource , at Project Gutenberg , in the Open Library , at Project Runeberg (Nordic texts), Perseus Project (Greek and Latin texts) and on document servers , which z. B. operated by several German university libraries.

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