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Ulrich Harsch (born May 3, 1938 in Aalen ) is a German communication designer .


During the Second World War Ulrich Harsch grew up in Langenargen on Lake Constance. From 1948 he attended the Schubartgymnasium in Aalen (drawing lessons with Sieger Köder ) and graduated from high school in 1957. He then studied art education at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with Hugo Peters and design at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin with Helmut Lortz and Heinz Hajek-Halke . From 1965 he worked as an editorial designer for various magazines. In 1981 he was appointed professor for communication design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. In 1984 he switched to the design department at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences , where he held a professorship for electronic publishing until 2003. He runs the Bibliotheca Augustana on the Internet . He is married to Gudrun Eger-Harsch .


In 1962, together with Helmut Lortz, he designed the “Persil 65” detergent package and in 1963, again with Lortz, the exhibition catalog for the Berlin School of Fine Arts. In 1963 he designed posters for the Socialist German Student Union ("New Paths: Information, Analysis, Criticism. SDS" and the poster for the solidarity campaign for Neville Alexander ). From 1964 he took over the graphic support of the literary magazine Alternative . From 1965 he was an editorial designer for Quick magazine under Willy Fleckhaus . In 1966 he designed the anti-Vietnamese poster "Mord" (poster campaign on February 3rd / 4th, 1966). In 1968 he relaunched the TV magazine “Bild und Funk” for Hubert Burda . From 1976 he published the “Edition Aurora - Ancient Literature on Scrolls”. Together with Dieter Ruckhaberle , he was in charge of the Fernand Léger retrospective at the Berlin Kunsthalle in 1980/81. From 1990 to 1999 he was Dean of the Faculty of Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences . There he set up the interdisciplinary course “Multimedia” together with the Faculty of Computer Science. Since 1996 he has been running the " Bibliotheca Augustana " on the Internet.


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