Day island

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Day island
Waters Laubeuf Fjord
Geographical location 67 ° 15 ′  S , 67 ° 43 ′  W Coordinates: 67 ° 15 ′  S , 67 ° 43 ′  W
Day Island (Antarctic Peninsula)
Day island
length 11 km
width 5 km

The Day Island is an 11 km long and 5 km wide island off the Loubet coast of Graham lands north of the Antarctic Peninsula . It is located immediately south of The Gullet and 3 km north of Wyatt Island in the northern part of the Laubeuf Fjord .

The island was first mapped in 1936 during the British Graham Land Expedition (1934–1937) under the direction of the Australian polar explorer John Rymill . This gave the island the name Middle Island provisionally . In 1948 the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey carried out a new survey. The name giver of the current designation is Vice Admiral Archibald Day (1899–1970), hydrograph of the Royal Navy from 1950 to 1955 and coordinator of the operations within the framework of the International Geophysical Year .

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