De Puta Madre 69

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legal form Società a responsabilità limitata
Seat Rome , Italy
management Ilan Fernández Uzzan
sales € 60 million
Branch Fashion

De Puta Madre 69 is the brand name under which the Italian fashion company IFU , based in Rome, markets its products. With “de Puta Madre”, literally translated “by the mother whore ”, meaning “cool, horny, super, top notch”, it is a mostly positive Spanish expression . According to the fashion company's website, the phrase stands for “I'm comfortable” or “I feel great”. IFU, on the other hand, is derived from the name of the company's founder , Ilan Fernández Uzzan .

Fernández, who is from Colombia , founded the label in a Spanish prison in 1991 when he was arrested as a gun dealer and drug dealer in Barcelona .

Feeling remorse and in order to let his feelings run free, he had started to write slogans and words with felt-tip pens on T-shirts . Since his release from prison , he has done his best to translate his ideas and thoughts into the product. So the label "De Puta Madre 69" was created and caused a sensation. Fernández is now at large and lives in Italy.

According to several Spanish daily newspapers, Steven Spielberg expressed an interest in filming his career in 2007. The film plans were not implemented. According to other sources, his life was to be filmed by Gabriele Muccino with Javier Bardem in the lead role. He is married and has three children.

Carlitos Nair Menem, the son of Carlos Menem , introduced an energy drink named after the fashion brand in Argentina in 2014.

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