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The Monument Foundation Baden-Württemberg is a foundation under civil law that is active in the preservation of monuments and is based in Stuttgart . The aim of the foundation is to contribute to the preservation of cultural monuments in Baden-Württemberg .


The private, state-independent Monument Foundation Baden-Württemberg (foundation under civil law with its seat in Stuttgart) has been a second pillar in the monument promotion in Baden-Württemberg since 1985 (alongside the State Office for Monument Preservation Baden-Württemberg ). The initiators of the facility were the then Prime Minister of the state, Lothar Späth , and Carl Herzog von Württemberg . According to its statutes, the foundation is "particularly active where state preservation of monuments does not work or only does so to a limited extent". It cooperates with the State Office for Monument Preservation Baden-Württemberg. Her motto is "Citizens save monuments".


Priority is given to renovation measures for cultural monuments in private ownership and measures by non-profit citizens' campaigns, as well as the renovation of monuments in church or communal ownership (but not monuments in state ownership). In total, around 1,500 projects have received funding of around 60 million euros. The basis of the financial support is the funding guidelines stored on the foundation's homepage. The foundation's activities are audited annually by the Baden-Württemberg community auditing institute and, at longer intervals, by the Baden-Württemberg audit office. The foundation's bodies are the voluntary executive board and the board of trustees as the supervisory body. Katrin Schütz , State Secretary in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics (Supreme Monument Protection Authority) is currently the Chair of the Board of Trustees; Rainer Prewo Chairman of the Board of Directors. The honorary managing director has been Peter Rothemund, Ministerialrat a. D.

Citizen Award

Exemplary civic commitment to cultural monuments has been recognized since 2001 by the annual "Citizens' Prize of the Monument Foundation Baden-Württemberg", which is endowed with 5,000 euros.

Monument of the month

Since January 2004, the foundation has been awarding a particularly high-quality cultural monument it has sponsored with the title Monument of the Month .


The Monument Foundation publishes the “Monument Voice”, which appears four times a year, with a circulation of around 80,000 copies. This provides information about the work of the Monument Foundation and is published as a supplement to various cultural magazines. The third annual edition contains the report on all funding measures from the previous year.


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