Deodato Arellano

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Deodato Arellano (* 26. July 1844 in Bulacan Province Bulacan , † 1896 in the Cordillera Central ) was a Filipino reformers and the first president of the Katipunan .

He was born the son of Juan de la Cruz and Mamerta de la Cruz. He studied accounting at the Ateneo Municipal, now Ateneo de Manila University , and later worked in the artillery arsenal of the Spanish colonial forces in the Philippines. Deodato Arellano married Marcelo H. del Pilar's sister Hillaria on April 22, 1877 and joined the propaganda movement founded by del Pilar and Mariano Ponce . He supported the movement and wrote reports on the conditions in the Philippines and supported del Pilar's nephew Gregorio del Pilar during his school education.

Arellano was a founding member of the reform organization La Liga Filipina , initiated by José Rizal on July 3, 1892 , together with Apolinario Mabini , Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista . After the ban he founded the Katipunan together with Andres Bonifacio on July 7, 1892. In October Deodato Arellano was elected its first president, but already replaced by Roman Basa in February 1893, as Bonifacio accused him of being inefficient. Arellano decided to leave the Katipunan and revive the league. He was supported by Juan de Zulueta. In October of that year, however, it was decided not to pursue this project any further. In 1894 Arellano joined the organization Cuerpo de Compromisarios , founded by Numeriano Adriano , which, like the league, was interested in a peaceful propaganda and reform movement and opposed armed struggle.

Deodato Arellano's trail was lost after the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution . The circumstances of his death have not yet been clarified. One version says that he was arrested and tortured to death on October 10, 1896. Another version says that he joined Gregorio del Pilar, acted as paymaster of his troops and was killed in a gun battle in the province of Benguet , in the Cordillera Central.

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