Devlet Giray

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Devlet Giray (* 1512 ; † June 29, 1577 in Bakhchysarai ) was Khan of the Crimea from 1551 .


Devlet Giray was born the son of Mübârek Giray in 1512 and was appointed heir to the throne (kalgay) by Saʿādet Giray in 1532 . During the reign of his predecessor, Sahib I. Giray , Devlet lived with Saʿādet Giray in Constantinople , where he learned the Ottoman administrative practice.

Devlet Giray was appointed Khan in 1551 with Ottoman support (the Crimean Khanate was an Ottoman vassal state from 1475 ) and continued the anti-Russian policy of his predecessor. On May 24, 1571, he burned Moscow , the capital of tsarist Russia , which earned him the nickname taht-algan (conqueror of the capital). In the following year 1572 he suffered a devastating defeat against the Russians at Molodi near Moscow on August 2nd .

The Giray's claims to the Tatar khanates Kazan and Astrakhan , which had been conquered by the Russians, could not be enforced militarily.


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