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Dichterliebe , op. 48, is a cycle of 16 romantic art songs by Robert Schumann . The cycle was created in 1840 on poems from Heinrich Heine's Lyric Intermezzo , a collection of 65 poems that appeared in Tragedies in 1823 together with a lyric interlude , then in 1827 in the Book of Songs . Of the 20 songs composed, 16 were eventually printed.

In his song cycles, Schumann often assumed a self-contained episode with an underlying poetic idea. This is reflected here in the self-chosen title Dichterliebe , whereby he rearranged the order of Heine's poems following his own dramatic concept.

The work was printed in September 1844 by CF Peters in Leipzig and first performed as a whole in Hamburg in 1861 by Julius Stockhausen and Johannes Brahms .


Heine did not put headings on the poems, so the "song titles" are incipits .

  1. in the beautiful month of May
  2. Sprout from my tears
  3. The rose, the lily, the dove, the sun
  4. When I look in your eyes'
  5. I want to dive my soul
  6. In the Rhine, in the sacred river
  7. I bear no grudge
  8. And if the flowers knew, the little ones
  9. That's a flute and violin
  10. I hear the song
  11. A young man loves a girl
  12. On a bright summer morning
  13. I cried in a dream
  14. Every night in a dream
  15. From old fairy tales
  16. The old bad songs

Four songs were sorted out at the time of printing:

  • "Your face is so lovely and beautiful". With Heine No. 5. Schumann: 5 songs and chants , op. 127 (1854), No. 2
  • "Lean 'your cheek' on my cheek '". With Heine No. 6. Schumann: 4 Gesänge , op.142 (1852), No. 2
  • "My love shines". At Heine No. 46. Schumann: 5 songs and chants , Op. 127 (1854), No. 3
  • “My car is rolling slowly”. With Heine No. 54.Schumann: 4 Gesänge , op.142 (1852), No. 4

Opp. 127 and 142 contain not only these Heine poems but also poems by Justinus Kerner .


1. In the wonderful month of May,
When all the buds were bursting, Love rose
in my heart

In the wonderful month of May,
When all the birds were singing,
I confessed
my longings and desires.

Much blooming flowers
sprout from my tears ,
And my sighs become
a nightingale
choir .

And if you love me, child,
I'll give you all the flowers,
the nightingale's song should sound in front of your window .

3. The rose, the lily, the dove, the sun,
I once loved all of them in love.
I don't love her anymore, I love alone
the small, the fine, the pure, the one;
You yourself, all love bliss (or 'bronne'),
Is rose and lily and dove and sun.
  I love alone
  the small, the fine, the pure, the one.

4. When I look into your eyes,
all my sorrow and sorrows vanish;
But if I kiss your mouth,
I'll be completely healthy.

When I lean on your breast, it
comes over me like heaven's delight;
But when you say: I love you!
So I cry bitterly.

5. I want to dive my soul
"I want to dip my soul"

Into the cup of the lily;
The lily should breathe
a song from my loved one.

The song should shudder and tremble
like the kiss from her mouth, which
she once gave me
in a wonderfully sweet hour.

6. In the Rhine, in the beautiful river,
There is reflected in the Well'n
With its big dome
The big, holy Cologne.

In the cathedral there is a portrait,
painted on golden leather;
In the wilderness of my life it shone
gently into it.

Flowers and angels float
around our dear wife;
The eyes, the lips, the cheeks,
exactly the same as the loved ones.

7. I do not resent, and even if the heart breaks,
forever lost! I bear no grudge. No
matter how you shine in diamond splendor
, no ray falls into your heart's night.
I know that for a long time.

I saw you in a dream,
and saw the night in the space of your heart,
And saw the snake that eats your heart,
I saw, my dear, how miserable you are.

8. And if only knew the flowers, the little ones
How deeply wounded my heart,
They would weep with me,
To heal my pain.

if the nightingales only knew, How sad and sick I am,
They let out
refreshing songs.

And if they knew my woe,
The golden starlets,
they would come from on high,
And would give me consolation.

They all can't know,
only one knows my pain;
She tore herself apart, tore
my heart apart .

9. This is a flute and violin,
trumpets are pounding into it. The dearest of my hearts is
probably dancing the wedding
dance. There

is a ringing and roaring,
a drum and a shawm;
In between sob and moan
The lovely little angels.

10. I hear the little song that
my dearest sang, So my chest will burst With
wild pain.

A dark longing drives me
up to the Waldeshöh ',
my overgrown pain dissolves in tears .

11. A young man loves a girl,
She has chosen another;
The other loves another,

The girl takes
the first best man out of anger, Who
ran in her way;
The youth is in bad shape.

It is an old story,
but it always remains new;
And whoever it just happened
to, his heart breaks in two.

12. On a bright summer
morning I walk around the garden.
The flowers whisper and speak,
but I walk in silence.

The flowers whisper and speak,
and look at me pityingly:
Don't be angry with our sister,
you sad, pale man.

13. I cried in a dream,
I dreamed that you were lying in the grave.
I woke up and the tear was
still flowing down my cheek.

I cried in a dream,
I'm dreaming, you left me.
I woke up and continued to cry
bitterly for a long time.

I cried in a dream,
I dreamed that you were still good to me.
I woke up and
my tears are still streaming down.

14. Every night in a dream I see you
and I see you greetings in a friendly manner,
And crying loudly I throw myself
at your sweet feet.

You look at me wistfully
And shake your blond head; The pearl tears
creep out of your eyes

You secretly tell me a quiet word
and give me the bouquet of cypresses.
I wake up and the bouquet is gone,
and I forgot my word.

15. It waves from old fairy tales
with a white hand,
There it sings and there it sounds
From a magical land;

Where colorful flowers bloom
in the golden evening light,
and glow
with a lovely smell, with a bridal face;

And green trees are singing
ancient melodies,
The air is secretly ringing ,
And birds are blaring;

And images of fog well rise
from the earth,
And dance airy rounds
in the strange choir;

And blue sparks burn
on every leaf and rice,
And red lights run
in the crazy, confused circle;

And loud springs break
from wild marble stone.
And strangely in the brooks
the reflection shines on.

Oh, if I could come there,
and there please my heart,
And removed from all torment,
And be free and happy!

Oh! that land of bliss,
I often see it in dreams,
But the morning sun comes, It
melts like foam.

16. The old, bad songs,
The dreams bad and bad,
Let us bury them now,
Get a big coffin.

I put some things in there, but
I won't say what yet.
The coffin must be even bigger,
like a Heidelberg barrel.

And fetches a bier,
And boards strong and thick;
It must also be longer than
the bridge at Mainz.

And get me twelve grand,
They must be even stronger than
like the strong Christoph
Im Dom zu Cologne on the Rhine.

Let them carry away the coffin,
And lower it into the sea;
For such a great coffin
deserves a great grave.

Do you know why the coffin is
so big and heavy?
I also lower my love
and my pain into it.


To work and reception

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