The Society (literary magazine)

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description German literary magazine
First edition 1885
attitude 1902
editor Michael Georg Conrad
ZDB 220949-4
The Society January 1885

The society was the first naturalistic literary magazine that strongly shaped the intellectual climate of Munich modernism . It was founded in 1885 by Michael Georg Conrad and published by him. Other editors were Karl Bleibtreu (1888–1890), Hans Merian (1897), Ludwig Jacobowski (1898–1900) and Alfred N. Gotendorf (1900–1901).

The company had changing subtitles:

  • Realistic weekly for literature, art and public life (1885)
  • Realistic monthly for literature, art and public life (1886)
  • Monthly for Literature and Art (1887–1890)
  • Monthly for Literature, Art and Social Policy (1891–1897)
  • Bi-monthly publication for literature, art and social policy (1898–1901)
  • Munich bi-monthly publication for literature, art and social policy (1901–1902)

The society was initially the leading German journal of the naturalistic movement alongside the magazine for domestic and foreign literature and the free stage for modern life .

The task of the magazine was to criticize the societal, social and literary conditions. In particular, literary criticism in the form of reviews, author portraits and essays took up a large space. They fought for a literature in the sense of naturalism and realism (and in the process also advertised their own literary products) and fought against the literature and literary criticism of the early days , represented in particular by the Munich poet Paul Heyse and his circle. Anti-Semitic and social Darwinist positions were also able to articulate themselves.

After several changes of publisher and editor, the magazine failed to catch up with current literary developments and was discontinued in 1902.

A reprint of the magazine was published by Kraus Reprint Nendeln / Liechtenstein in 1970.

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  • Agnes Strieder: "Die Gesellschaft" - A critical examination of the journal of the early naturalists. Bern 1985.

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