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Members of the Society for Modern Life: Otto Julius Bierbaum , Georg Schaumberg , Oskar Panizza , Michael Georg Conrad , Hanns von Gumppenberg and Julius Schaumberger (around 1893).

The Society for Modern Life was a Munich literary and theater association that wanted to promote modern literature, especially naturalism .

The company was founded on December 18, 1890. Its first chairman, central and leading figure, was the poet Michael Georg Conrad , who had also been the editor of the naturalistic journal Die Gesellschaft since 1885 . The Society for Modern Life itself published the magazine Moderne Blätter .

In the first edition of the Munich pamphlets , Conrad's speech on January 29, 1891, on the introduction of the company, was printed.

The members of the society conceived by Julius Schaumberger included Otto Julius Bierbaum , Oskar Panizza , Heinrich von Reder , Hanns von Gumppenberg , Detlev von Liliencron , Ludwig Scharf and Anna Croissant-Rust , who signed the appeal. The aim of the society was to “cultivate and spread the modern, creative spirit in all areas: social life, literature, art and science”. In 1891, Oskar Panizza gave the lecture Genie und Wahnsinn in front of the society , in which he adopted theses, examples and chains of arguments from Cesare Lombroso's Genio e Follia . On November 12, 1891, after only one year as chairman, Conrad, who professed Christianity, justified his resignation with the elitist demeanor of the young artists.

The Munich Society for Modern Living dissolved as early as 1893 . Despite its short existence, its importance for so-called Munich Modernism was enormous.


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