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The Care Bears ( Engl. : Care Bears , in Germany initially as " Have-you-loving Bärchis " markets) are cartoon characters from the 1980s and became known in Germany mainly through her television series and their movies.

Rainbow and clouds play a big role in the care bears

The genesis

In 1981 , American Greetings , a Cleveland- based greeting card company, designed new greeting card characters, the care bears. The original drawings are from Elena Kucharik. These little, cuddly bears were so popular with customers that in 1983 a whole range of merchandising products came onto the market, such as plush bears, collectible figures, books, sticker albums and bed linen. Various PC and console games were also produced later .

The figures

Care bears at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2007.

The Bärchis

The Care Bears live together with the Cloud Keeper and small, flying stars and hearts in the Cloud Land ( Kingdom of Caring) , which is made up of the Heart Bear Chiland (Care a Lot) , the Forest of Feelings and the Paradise Valley ( Paradise Valley) . Up there they watch over the people, especially the children. When difficulties arise, all Care Bears gather in the Hall of Hearts and use their happiness barometer to read people's feelings. Whenever someone has a problem, the Bärchis appear with their cloud mobile or through the rainbow beam and help. If necessary, they use their rays of happiness , rays of love and happiness, and thus banish negative feelings.

Each Care Bear has its own color and its own symbol on its stomach, but the appearance of some Bearchis has been changed since the 1980s. In the beginning there were only ten Care Bears, but the Bärchis family has grown over the years.

The first Bärchis

Tenderheart Bear
is the boss of the Care Bears and makes most of the decisions. His job is to teach others to show their true feelings and to love. He knows that hatred and violence bring nothing but misfortune and calamity and does everything to keep others away from such decisions. Even in a being who has a completely different temperament and does not prefer the same aspects of happiness as he does, he can immediately recognize a friend. His special ability is to give other bears and cousins ​​their signs and powers. He has milk chocolate brown fur and a red framed heart on his stomach.
Friend Bear
is the best friend you can have because friendship is more important to him. However, sometimes he talks a little too much. The friendship bear has dark yellow to peach-colored fur and two crossed, smiling flowers on its stomach. In the original he is a female happiness bear, but in German he is male.
Bedtime Bear
has a great passion: sleeping. Usually at inappropriate times, he simply falls asleep. But he also ensures that people have nice dreams. Slumber Bear has medium blue fur and a sleepy blue crescent moon on its stomach.
Birthday Bear
loves to celebrate birthdays. He also likes to prepare surprise parties. The birthday bear has orange-yellow fur and a small birthday cake with a candle on its stomach.
Hurrabärchi (Cheer Bear)
is mostly happy. She tries to make everyone else feel just as happy as she does. Above all, she tries to cheer up Grumpy Bear. In addition, she is very athletic and ensures her health through lots of exercise. She has pink fur and a rainbow on her stomach.
Cheer Bear doll in a Christmas decoration in Singapore
Grumpy Bear
is quite grouchy and grumpy. It's okay for him to be in a bad mood when you can laugh again later, even if he usually only smiles furtively for a moment. In addition, he is mechanically very gifted and thinks that you can only achieve the goals you have set yourself through hard work, faith and trust are the wrong way. Nevertheless, his friends and family are very important to him and it makes him happy that they can be there for each other. He has dark blue fur and a rain cloud with hearts as raindrops on his stomach.
Sunshine Bear
is always in a good mood and in the mood for jokes and pranks. Now and then he goes a little too far, but the other Bärchis like him very much. Sunshine bear has bright yellow fur and a laughing sun on its stomach.
Funshine Bear doll in a Christmas decoration in Singapore
Good Luck Bear
Everything works because he's so lucky. But he also tries to be a lucky charm for others and to give them some of his happiness. He often tries to convince Grumpy Bear that you shouldn't always work hard for everything, because it also helps a lot if you look at the world more positively. Care bear has green fur and a four-leaf clover on its stomach.
Love-a-Lot Bear
trusts in love and is always ready to give love to others. She can even bring couples together with ease. Apparently she is also in love with cuddly bears. Lieb-mich-Bärchi has dark pink fur and two interconnected hearts (of different colors) on her stomach.
Wish Bear
likes to fulfill other people's wishes. She also knows very well that wishes will come true if you believe in them firmly enough and work on them. She also keeps an eye out for falling stars with her telescope. Wish bear has mint green fur and a laughing falling star on her stomach.

The following Bärchis

Secret Bear
can keep secrets to himself very well. So good, in fact, that she doesn't actually speak properly. Most of the time she only communicates in pantomime or whispers something in her ear. In the newest and current version, she has an orange fur that used to be peach yellow and also pink, and a heart-shaped padlock on her stomach.
Champion Bear (Champ Bear)
is a real sportsman. He emerges as a winner from every competition and can therefore train others and help them win themselves. In the earlier versions, its fur is bright yellow, but in the newer versions, it is blue. His mark is a cup with a heart.
Share Bear
want to share everything with others, because sharing is simply the greatest thing for them. She also teaches people how to share. Share-like-Bärchi has a purple coat and today two lollipops on her stomach. It used to be a two-straw milkshake.
Share Bear doll in a Christmas decoration in Singapore
Grandma Bärchi [Omimi] (Grams Bear)
is the grandmother of the whole Bärchi family and lovingly takes care of the offspring. She is best at telling exciting stories or solving tricky problems. She also prefers physical exercise and activity, when she spends her time with the younger ones, she does not burden them with the need to rest, which older people usually need. She has blue-gray fur and a rose on her stomach.
Baby Caress (Baby Hugs Bear)
often has arguments with her brother Gernegroß. Nevertheless, it is clear to her that later on, like the other Care Bears, she will help people. Baby Liebkos has light pink fur and an open heart with a star on her stomach.
Baby Gernegroß (Baby Tugs Bear)
is extremely curious and would like to learn quickly how to be a real care bear. But on his adventures he always takes good care of his sister, Liebkos. He also looks up at cuddly bears. Baby Gernegroß has light blue fur and a star in a diaper on his stomach.
Treue-Bärchi (True Heart Bear)
is, so to speak, the mother of all care bears and took care of the other bears when they were still babies. She is very loving and kind. Treue-Bärchi has a multicolored strand of hair and a white fur and a multicolored star with a heart inside on her stomach. In the film, however, it is called Mut-Bärchi and is the first Bärchi to receive a sign from the big moon.
Laugh-a-lot Bear
is a little clumsy and over-the-top. She makes others laugh at her mishaps and is good at laughing at herself too. Laughing bear has an orange fur and a laughing star on its stomach.
Surprise Bear
loves surprises, of course. It helps others to try out new and unknown things and to be surprised by the result. The surprise bear has a magenta colored fur and a box with a star in it on its stomach.
Pass-auf-Bärchi (Take Care Bear)
likes to take care of others. She makes sure that everyone takes good care of themselves. Pass-auf-Bärchi used to be orange with a red, laughing apple. In the meantime, her appearance has been completely changed. Today she has a purple fur and a heart that hugs a star on her stomach.
Harmony Bear
likes music and likes to show people how to get along. In her opinion, everyone should understand each other well and never argue again. Harmoniebärchi has blue-purple fur and a smiling flower on its belly. In the 1980s, it had three heart-shaped notes instead.
Daydream Bear
is not always on the point, but dreams to himself. Because she is in her fantasy world and not paying attention, things often go wrong. Daydream Bear has gray-blue fur and a heart-shaped planet on its stomach. She used to be shown with two heart balloons.
Waldfreunde-Bärchi (Forest Friend Bear)
was specially developed for the British World Wildlife Fund . Its job is to protect the forests and the animals that live in them. Waldfreunde-Bärchi has an orange fur and a forest scene on his stomach, in which a bear and a rabbit with trees in the background are shown. It is also called environmental bear.
Meeresfreunde-Bärchi (Sea Friend Bear)
Like Waldfreunde-Bärchi it was specially designed for the British nature conservation association World Wildlife Fund . He guards the seas and their inhabitants. Meeresfreunde-Bärchi has a light blue fur and a sun over a wave on its stomach.

Buffalo Bear : is a very lazy bear who only has play in his head.

The new Bärchis

Bashful Heart Bear
is pretty quiet and reserved. But it also proves that you can be shy and still be liked by others. Shy bear has blue-green fur and a rainbow cloud covering a heart on its stomach.
America Cares Bear
is downright patriotic and loves America more than anything. However, it is only available in America. Amerika-Bärchi has a white fur and a falling star in the colors of the American flag on his stomach.
Do-Your-best Bear
always tries to do his best and never gives up. When someone gets into trouble, he makes sure that the goal is achieved. His greatest goal is to make a kite fly. Do-your-best-Bärchi has a light green fur and a colorful dragon on his stomach.
Best Friend Bear
wants to be a good, if not best friend to everyone. She likes it when everyone gets along well and understands each other. Best friend Bärchi has a purple fur and a rainbow, on the ends of which is a laughing heart and a laughing star, on her stomach.
Dankeschön-Bärchi (Thanks-a-lot Bear)
is happy about every nice gesture and thanks his friends for it. He shows how important it is to say thank you to your family and friends from time to time. Dankeschön-Bärchi has a light blue fur and a falling star on his stomach.
Hopeful Heart Bear
never gives up hope that everything will be okay after all. No matter how hopeless something may look, with a little hope and faith she'll still succeed. Hope bear has magenta-colored fur and a shining heart on its stomach.
Wunderherz-Bärchi (Wonderheart Bear)
is the youngest and smallest care bear in the cloud country. She loves to marvel at her world and to pester her surroundings with questions. She likes to give away hugs and is also happily hugged by the other care bears herself. But there is one thing she loves even more: her cuddly rabbit !

The cousins

The Care Bears' cousins ​​live in the forest of emotions and come over immediately when the Care Bears are in trouble. Like the Care Bears, they too have their own color and a symbol on their stomach with which they can send out rays of happiness. The cousins ​​are a total of 13 different animals.

Leo Löwenherz (Brave Heart)
is the boss of the cousins ​​and determines what to do. Even in the greatest danger, he is very brave and stands by his friends. The orange-brown lion has a large red heart with a crown on its belly.
Monkey Klettermax (Playful Heart)
would like to play every free minute and do some nonsense. He is always in a good mood and ready to have fun, and he climbs trees and other tall objects with ease. It has pale brown fur and a heart with confetti and a horn on its stomach.
Waddle Paddle Heart (Cozy Heart)
a purple female penguin and the only non-mammal in the family. She is always there with all her heart when someone needs help. She is very dear and likes to protect others. The mark on her stomach is a heart with a woolen hat.
Raccoon Smart Heart (in the first film he was still called Sonnenherz) (Bright Heart)
the purple raccoon is extremely smart and can also solve difficult problems. He also thinks before he acts and keeps inventing new devices. He has a heart-shaped light bulb on his stomach.
Dumbo Big Heart (called Jumbo Big Heart in the first movie) (Lotsa Heart)
a pink elephant, which with its loud trumpeting effortlessly drives away enemies and can thus appear even bigger than it really is. However, he sometimes frightens himself. But with his courage he knows how much one can achieve if he always gives his best. Because of his size and weight, he is usually very slow in his movements and actions. But he also describes himself as very persistent, because when he sets a goal he does not lose sight of it and works at a pace that is appropriate for himself to achieve it. He is very popular due to his loving and somewhat shy character. His sign is a weight adorned with hearts.
Bunny Sauseherz (Swift Heart)
the blue rabbit is always there when someone needs it. Because of her ability to move quickly, she loves to run any type of race. Basically, she relies on her speed in the first place, although unfortunately sometimes she is a little too hasty and rushes things. Nevertheless, she always manages to turn everything around for the better. She has a heart with two angel wings on her stomach.
Lämmlein Gentle Heart
is very quiet and reserved, but also very kind-hearted. She can quickly get into despair, although she does not feel inhibited to express it. Your sentences are usually accompanied by a bleat. Even if she is very shy, she is there for her friends and stands by them. The color of their wool is light mint green and their mark is a red, heart-shaped pillow.
Loyal Heart Dog
a blue dog who is always open, honest, sincere and loyal to his friends. He is also happy to help you if you are in need. His belly mark is a heart-shaped medal.
Kitten Proud Heart
always tries to do her best so that everything works out perfectly. She stands by the others when something doesn't work out as it should. She has a brownish-orange fur color and a pink star with a heart inside on her belly.
Piggy delight heart (Treat Heart)
the female donor pig is a real sweet tooth because she loves sweets. She also likes to celebrate and is always ready to help with the preparations. She is bright yellow and has a large waffle with a heart shaped ice cream on her stomach.
Rossi Edelherz (Noble Heart)
Is the father of the Care Bear cousins, so to speak. He pays attention to the forest of feelings and has protected the cousins ​​since these were babies. The colorful horse Edelherz, usually shown in old pink, has a colorful heart with a star inside on its belly. Rossi Edelherz is mostly around his best friend Mut-Bärchi / Treue-Bärchi. Just like them, he got his mark from the great moon.
Perfect and Polite Panda
The siblings live together in the paradise valley. They complement each other so perfectly that they always speak in rhyme and finish each other's sentences. The two only appear in one episode of the series. Perfect Panda has a star on its belly, while Polite Panda has a rose on its belly. Perfect and Polite Panda are among the care bears. There seems to be a very special relationship between Polite Panda and Care Bears.

The enemy

Nicholas and the Evil Spirit
are the enemies in the first Care Bears film, because the evil spirit tries with Nicholas' help to turn people's love into hate.
Zaubermax (The Dark Heart)
In the second film, the villain confronts the Care Bears. He wants to get the girl Christy to catch the Care Bears so that he can destroy the heart bear country.
The Evil Wizard (Wizard)
wants to be the new king of wonderland in the third film and therefore let his assistants Dim and Dumb kidnap the princess.
Prof. Kaltherz (Prof Coldheart)
and his assistant Frostbite (Frostbite) want to freeze the world in the first series, because then such feelings as love no longer exist. From time to time Aunt Frosta (Aunt Frosty) also helps with these plans.
Dr. Anxiety (Dr. Fright)
One of the servants of Master Heartless, who tries to defeat the Care Bears and humans with the help of fear and terror.
Master Heartless (No Heart)
wants, together with his assistant Biestli (Beastly) and his niece Schreihals (Shrieky), to mess with the care bears. Whenever they want to do something good, he tries to prevent it.
Poupy and Kuikpol
This duo is the most feared enemy of the Care Bears. The great lying baron Poupy and the money snake Kuikpol have been striving for centuries to chaotize the realm of the Care Bears.
Beastli (Beastly)
As the servant of Master Heartless, he is constantly on the move in the cartoon to catch the Care Bears.
Screamer (Shrieky)
Schreihals is the niece of Master Heartless. Together with her "pet" Beastly she always tries to catch the care bears so that her uncle can look for a way to reverse the rays of happiness.

The movies

There are now a total of five great Care Bears films: The Care Bears Film , The Care Bears in Adventure Land , The Care Bears - Adventures in Wonderland , The Care Bears - The Journey into Land Scherze-viel and The Care Bears - The Great Wish.

The Care Bear movie

(The Care Bears' Movie)

  • Director: Arna Selznick
  • Running time: 72 minutes
  • Production: Canada 1985.

While mystery bears and friendship bears bring the two orphans Kim and Jason to the heart bear kingdom, so that they can find new parents for them from there, cuddly bears want to look after the lonely sorcerer's apprentice Nicholas. However, Nicholas accidentally frees the evil spirit from a book, which immediately takes possession of Nicholas and wants to poison people's feelings. Since love in the world disappears more and more through magic, the cloud country is also in danger. This is how the rainbow rescue beam no longer works and the children Kim and Jason do not end up with their two Bärchis on earth, but in the forest of feelings, where they get to know their cousins. The rest of the Bärchis set off with their cloud ship in search of the disappeared and met some cousins ​​on the way. Everyone sets out together to stop the evil spirit and free Nicholas from its spell. After the danger has been averted, the cousins ​​are accepted into the family of care bears and receive their lucky ray symbols.

The Care Bears in Adventure Land 2

(The Care Bears' Movie 2 - A new Generation)

  • Director: Dale Schott
  • Running time: 77 minutes
  • Production: USA 1986.

The film is set during the childhood days of the Care Bears and their cousins. Treuebärchi and Rossi Edelherz have their hands full with babysitting. The siblings Dawn and John ran away from their summer camp because they always lost at the camp competitions and were annoyed by others. You get lost in the forest. Of course the Care Bears come to their aid. But while Dawn and John can be helped, another girl from the camp is in trouble. The villain, Zauber Max, offers the girl Christy to ensure her victory in all competitions if she helps him catch the care bears.

The film contradicts the first film. While in the first film the Bärchis only get to know the forest of emotions and its animals in adulthood, in the second animals and Bärchis are already together as children and already know the forest of emotions.

The Care Bears - Adventure in Wonderland

(The Care Bears' Adventures in Wonderland)

  • Directed by Raymond Jafelice
  • Running time: 73 minutes
  • Production: USA 1987.

In this film, the Care Bears find themselves in the middle of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland . The white rabbit appears in the heart bear kingdom to ask his nephew Bunny Sauseherz for help. Because the evil wizard has kidnapped the princess of wonderland and now wants to become king himself. While looking for the princess everywhere, the Bärchis find the girl Alice, who doesn't think she is special or unique. Since Alice looks so much like the missing princess, she should take her place in Wonderland until she returns. But the secret entrance to the wonderland is destroyed by the evil wizard, so that they first have to go to the palace of the heart. The magician's assistants Dim and Dumb try everything to stop the Bärchis.

The Care Bears - The Journey into the Land Jokes-a lot

(The Care Bears - Journey to Joke-a-lot)

  • Directed by Mike Fallows
  • Running time: 78 minutes
  • Production: USA / Canada 2004.

This film is a computer animation. Sunshine Bear continues to joke in the heart bear country, but they go wrong. Because he is so disappointed about it, he goes looking for a place where you can appreciate his jokes and laugh with him. He soon came to the land of Scherze-viel and was so popular there that he was named king of the country. The other Care Bears miss their friend so much that they set out to get him back.

The Care Bears - The Great Wish

(The Care Bears Big Wish Movie)

  • Directed by Larry Jacobs, Ron Pitts.
  • Running time: 75 minutes
  • Production: USA 2005.

This film was also computer animated. Wunschbärchi has the feeling that the other Bärchis don't take their wishes so seriously. That's why she and her wish-sister, Twinkers, want to find other bears who like to wish for something as much as she does. Three new bear chi friends appear through Twinker's wish-magic.

The series

There are five different series of the Care Bears and their cousins.

Specials (1983/1984)

The first special is the 30-minute film The Care Bears in The Land Without Feelings , which was drawn in 1983. It is here that the Care Bears meet their opponent Professor Kaltherz for the first time. The boy Kevin, who does not agree to his family moving, runs away from home and falls into the hands of Professor Kaltherz, who makes him his slave. Together with Kevin's friend Donna, the Care Bears have to save the boy.

The second special is also a 30-minute film called The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine , which was produced in 1984. Again, Professor Coldheart is the villain of the story. Little Paul is annoyed by the other children because of his handicrafts and wants to get revenge on them. Professor Kaltherz forces Paul to repair his indifference machine with which he wants to freeze all children. Only the Care Bears can help now.

Both specials were released on DVD by Pidax Film in November 2018.

The Care Bears (1985)

In 1985, the DiC Entertainment produced series Die Glücksbärchis , which includes eleven double episodes. In the opening credits, the Care Bears are sung about as heavenly bears . Pidax Film released the complete series in German on DVD in November 2018, as an extra the two specials in two German versions and a comic about the series are included as PDF.

US First Air: September 14 to November 23, 1985.
German first broadcast: From December 5, 1987 on RTLplus

The Care Bears (1986–1988)

1986–1988 Nelvana developed another Care Bears series (also Die himmlischen Teddybären , engl. The Care Bears Family ), which consists of 49 episodes. The title song has now adapted the original and now uses the familiar line of text I'd like a care bear its ... (Engl. I want to be a Care Bear ... ).

Care bears (2007-2008)

2007-2008 another series appeared in the USA under the name The Care Bears , which had its television premiere in Germany in March 2009 under the title Care Bears in KiKA.

Care Bears - Welcome to Cloud Land (2012)

2012 was with Care Bears - Welcome to the Wolkenland ( Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot ) is a CGI -Neuauflage, which was shown in May 2015 in Germany KiKA.

Care bears & Co. (2015-2016)

2015-2016 created Netflix , the latest addition, also animated remake titled Bears & Co. ( Care Bears & cousins ). The German TV premiere has been on KiKA since June 11, 2018.

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