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Diplom-Jurist (Dipl.-Jur.) Is an academic degree which , on the one hand, represented the standard qualification for a law degree in the GDR and, on the other hand, is awarded by many universities in the Federal Republic of Germany to its graduates after passing the first legal (state) examination becomes.


In the GDR, the degree of qualified lawyer had been the standard qualification for a law degree since the 1960s and already represented the qualification entitling to exercise the office of judge .

Furthermore, the academic degree of a qualified lawyer was also awarded by the University of the Ministry for State Security in Potsdam-Eiche . A degree of this University entitled in Germany not to pursue an activity as a lawyer , prosecutor or judge that the academic degree, according to Art. 37 para. 1 unification treaty , however, allowed.

Federal Republic

The academic degree of Diplom- Jurist (Dipl.-Jur.) Is awarded today in Germany by many law faculties or departments at universities after passing the first legal examination or university examination at the request of the graduates or automatically. The reason for this is the otherwise existing inequality of opportunity compared to graduates from other countries who acquire an academic degree on completion of their studies. Most of these faculties also award the degree retrospectively and on application for previous graduates of the First State Examination or the first legal examination.

With the introduction of the new bachelor and master degrees, the previous diploma and master’s degrees have been replaced in most federal states. At the same time, most state higher education laws provide for the possibility of state and church degrees being given an academic degree. As a result, some universities revised their concept of the graduation of lawyers.

As an alternative to the degree of Diplom-Jurist, some faculties award the degree of Magister juris (Mag. Jur.) After a successful first state examination . B. those of the universities of Konstanz (Mag. Jur.) And Cologne (Magister iuris (University of Cologne)) . Some faculties also award the degree of lawyer (Univ.) . To avoid confusion, however, it should be noted that the University of Hamburg had offered the academic degree of Magister Juris as an independent degree.

The degree of Magister Juris Internationalis can be obtained at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. This master’s course is an independent course which, among other things, requires a one-year study visit abroad and whose requirements go beyond those of the first state examination.

The designation of business lawyer must be distinguished from the academic degree of Diplom- Jurist / in (Dipl.-Jur.) . The academic degree of Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist (Dipl. Jur. Oec.) Or Diplom-Wirtschaftsjurist (FH) is awarded after completing an independent degree. This course was originally developed at technical colleges, but is now also available at numerous universities , for example in Erlangen / Nuremberg or Augsburg. Due to the Bologna process , most diploma courses and titles are now only awarded within the framework of transitional regulations and replaced by master courses or titles.

It should be noted, however, that the newly created academic degrees neither allow admission to the legal profession nor employment in the higher legal civil service - most qualified lawyers are therefore still dependent on completing the legal clerkship to start their careers . Activities in the economy or in the non-legal higher service are of course possible.

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