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Factory gate at the Schkopau site

The Dow Olefinverbund GmbH based in Schkopau , Saxony-Anhalt is a subsidiary of the US chemical company Dow, Inc.


The combine "Otto Grotewohl" in Böhlen started oil processing in 1967.

The company emerged in 1995 from the privatization of Buna-Werke , SOW Sächsische Olefinwerke Böhlen and parts of Leunawerke .

As the last major privatization of the Treuhandanstalt , the Olefinverbund was formed from the three locations Buna , Leuna and Böhlen . Here, the location and Buna were PE factory in Leuna on the ethylene - Cracker instructed in Bohlen as a supplier, so that the composite in a company the best solution was.

In a first step in 1995, 80% of the company trading under the name BSL (for B una S OW Sächsische Olefinwerke Böhlen L euna) GmbH was sold to Dow Chemical . The remaining 20% ​​remained with the Federal Agency for Unification-Related Special Tasks (BvS) as the successor to the Treuhandanstalt.

Only after extensive work on the company premises for the renovation and demolition of production buildings, upgrading of the surface and underground infrastructure and the remediation of old environmental pollution, Dow also took over the remaining shares from the BvS in 2000.

Together with the subsidization of electricity prices, costs for the further training of the approximately 2000 employees and the assumption of start-up losses, the costs for privatization are said to have amounted to around DM 9.5 billion , which was granted as aid by the EU.

Today Dow Olefinverbund GmbH is the largest private company in Saxony-Anhalt with around 2300 employees . Dow Chemical also operates industrial parks at all locations where suppliers, processors and logistics companies have settled.

The Schkopau, Böhlen, Leuna and Teutschenthal plants are connected by a pipeline network for the exchange of basic chemical substances. Overall, the Olefinverbund operates pipelines with a total length of 1,300 km, which also connect Central Germany with the Dow plant in Stade and the Dow Terminal in the Rostock seaport . The “heart” of the olefin network is located in the Böhlen plant - the cracker. On the basis of raw gasoline, chemical raw materials such as ethylene and propylene are produced in the cracker. a. in Böhlen on raw materials for hygiene articles or products in the construction industry and at the Schkopau and Leuna u. a. can be further processed into high-quality plastics.

The Schkopau and Böhlen plants were seized on October 9, 2019, by decision of the Merseburg District Court on October 1, 2019, by means of a seizure and transfer decision . This is because the US parent company has not fulfilled its obligations to 1,245 banana farmers who were harmed by a pesticide containing the active ingredient DBCP .

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