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Downtown Clarksville

The word downtown is mainly used in North America in English to denote the inner city or the central economic area of ​​a city (usually in the geographic, commercial, or community sense).

It was minted in New York City , where it was used since about 1830 to refer to the original city on the south end of the Manhattan Island. As New York got bigger, the city could only grow north, that is, up the river. This made everything to the north known as "uptown" ( Upper Manhattan ) and accordingly to the south as "downtown" ( Lower Manhattan ). Since many maps are shown in a north-facing position, an analogy can also be understood as “up” as direction north and “down” as direction south.

In the 19th century, the name was gradually adopted by other US and Canadian cities to denote the historic city center. It did not appear in dictionaries until 1880, but was well established in the early 1900s.

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  • The TownTown high-rise complex in Vienna-Erdberg with a construction period from around 2009–2016, with the ORBI Tower, plays with the concept of downtown .

Individual evidence

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