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Drei (Original title: The Dark Tower II - The Drawing of the Three ) is the title of a novel by the writer Stephen King published in 1987 and forms the second volume of the eight-volume, dark fantasy saga, which is entitled The Dark Tower- Cycle is known.


Drei continues the story of Roland and his search for the Dark Tower seamlessly. After the first part of the saga ended with a ten-year palaver ("entertainment" in the language of the gunslinger) with the "man in black", the gunslinger finds himself in three on the beach of the Western Sea. Here at dusk, deadly monster lobsters crawl out of the sea and seriously injure Roland. The gunslinger survives their attack, but loses two fingers, a toe and suffers blood poisoning. Nevertheless, seriously ill, he manages to find the first of three doors that the “Man in Black” prophesied.

Stepping through the door, Roland finds himself in the mind of the "prisoner", Eddie Dean. This is a junkie who is currently working as a drug messenger to get heroin for himself and his brother. He lives in New York in the eighties. Roland finds that he is able to take control of Eddie's body as well as to take items back into his world. So he helps Eddie to evade the customs authorities by hiding the cocaine hidden on his body in his world. However, when the drug is handed over to a New York Mafioso, problems arise that culminate in a wild shootout in which Roland and Eddie (now physically stepping through the door) eventually kill the entire gang of drug traffickers. Eddie tears himself away from the corpse of his brother who died of heroin and now follows Roland through the door, now that nothing can keep him in his world. When his addiction becomes noticeable again, Roland slams the door, severing this connection between the worlds.

When Eddie has gone through his (physical) withdrawal and Roland's poisoning seems to be cured by an antibiotic taken from Eddie's world, the two of them make their way to the next door. Through this, Roland brings a dark-skinned wheelchair user, the "Lady of the Shadows", from New York in the 1960s into his world. Two traumatic events in her past caused her personality to split and now two women, the vicious and devious Detta and the kind-hearted and kind Odetta, live in Odetta's body.

The third door of the “pusher” is directly connected to it. While Eddie stays on the beach and is desperately looking for the missing Odetta (it soon turns out, however, that it was Detta who fled), Roland is shocked to discover that he is in the head of a psychopath, Jack Mort - somewhere between the time of Odetta Holmes and Eddie Dean. He realizes that Mort was the one who pushed Odetta in front of a subway and is responsible for the loss of her legs and her split personality. In addition, when Roland enters his mind, Mort chases the boy Jake. Roland got into the mind of the murderer a few weeks before Jake's death (which Mort also caused or will cause). He forces him to commit suicide. With this act, Roland Jake saves life on the one hand, and Odetta can reconcile her two personalities Odetta / Detta through this act of revenge and from then on bears their middle name Susannah. Now Eddie, Susannah and Roland continue his search for the Dark Tower together.


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