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The Dressler-Verlag , formerly Cecilie Dressler-Verlag , is a children's and youth book publishing house in Hamburg . It emerged in 1941 from the Williams & Co. publishing house .

Publishing history

In 1924 Edith Jacobsohn , wife of Siegfried Jacobsohn (publisher of the Weltbühne ) founded the Williams & Co. publishing house . In the beginning, the publishing house mainly published books by the Freundeskreis der Weltbühne. With Emil and the Detectives , Erich Kästner achieved a surprise success in 1929, and he became the first star of the young publishing house. Kurt Maschler took over the Williams & Co Verlag from Edith Jacobsohn in 1933 and then transferred the rights of the publisher to the newly founded Atrium Verlag in Zurich in 1935 .

After the seizure of power by the Nazis in 1933 Edith Jacobson emigrated and handed over the publishing business to Cecilie Dressler as CEO, the company through the era of National Socialism led. After Kurt Maschler also had to leave Nazi Germany, he unofficially transferred the shares in the Williams and Co. publishing house to Cecilie Dressler at the end of 1936, so that it was not apparent to the outside that he was basically still the owner of the publishing house. In 1941 the publisher had to be renamed Cecilie Dressler Verlag for legal reasons . Doctor Dolittle and his Animals by Hugh Lofting was published by Dressler Verlag. After the Second World War , Cecilie Dressler was one of the first to receive a publishing license in West Berlin . Soon after the war, Kurt Maschler officially sold the publisher to Cecilie Dressler, but kept Atrium Verlag AG including the world rights to all works by Erich Kästner and the license rights to Pooh the Bear by Milne .

In 1971 Cecilie Dressler Verlag KG was taken over by Verlag Friedrich Oetinger . In 2001 the publisher received the program award from the Hamburg cultural authority.

The publisher's program includes the Ink World Trilogy , Lord of the Thieves and Die Wilde Hühner by Cornelia Funke . English-speaking authors such as Kate DiCamillo and Carole Wilkinson also publish their books here. Well-known children's books such as Mary Poppins , The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Peter Pan are published in the “Dressler-Klassiker” series .


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