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Duat in hieroglyphics
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land of the afterlife
Scene from the Amduat in the tomb of Merenptah ( KV8 )

With Duat ( Coptic Amenthes ) the ancient Egyptians referred to the afterlife , into which the deceased entered after his burial and rebirth. The other world was divided into two areas. The dark realm of the dead of the same name lay underground to the west of the Nile , whereas the light Sechet-iaru ( Earu ) was in the Ta-djeser region . On the western and eastern horizons, the subterranean and the heavenly duat touched.

In the lower duat, the dead had to endure a number of dangers, such as demons . The judgment of the dead also took place there. If the deceased passed the exams given there, he was allowed to go to Sechet-iaru.

Amduat ("The writing of the hidden chamber"), the royal book of the underworld of the Egyptian New Kingdom, is derived from the word Duat .

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