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E-Periodica is an open access platform operated by the ETH-Bibliothek for digitized journals and periodical publications from Switzerland or with reference to Switzerland . The ETH Library works together with the Swiss National Library as a cooperation partner.


The platform was designed in 2006 by the consortium of Swiss university libraries as part of the Swiss innovation and cooperation project e-lib.ch . At the beginning the name of the offer was retro.seals.ch - whereby seals stood for the sub-project Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service . In 2016, the website was redesigned and retro.seals.ch was renamed E-Periodica.


The range of topics includes, for example, natural sciences , architecture , mathematics , history , geography , art and culture as well as environmental and social policy . The journals are digitized in the ETH library and the digital data prepared for online presentation. The contents are available in full text and can be downloaded as PDF . All journals on the platform are freely accessible. Depending on the agreement with the respective publisher, there may be a blocking period of up to five years for newer issues.

In July 2017, E-Periodica had a volume of 266 activated journals with a total of around 6 million pages.


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