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Eberhard Siebert (* 1937 in Memel ) is a German librarian and Heinrich von Kleist researcher.

Live and act

Eberhard Siebert studied German and Latin philology in Kiel and Marburg and completed his studies with a doctorate. From 1974 to 2002 he was a specialist in German studies at the Berlin State Library . In 1977 he curated the Kleist exhibition of the State Library and the Heinrich von Kleist Society in Charlottenburg Palace . In 1980 he published the volume "Heinrich von Kleist - Life and Work in Pictures" as Insel-Taschenbuch Nr. 371 and doubled the number of images given there to 500 in his standard work "Heinrich von Kleist - a picture biography", that of Kleist -Archiv Sembdner , Heilbronn, and was honored in numerous discussions.

In addition, numerous essays on biographical and work-history problems with Kleist, which were collected under the title "Kleistiana collecta", were published in 2011.

Publications (selection)

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