Eduard Niemann

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Eduard Friedrich Niemann (born February 20, 1804 in Neuenkirchen (Melle) , † August 12, 1884 in Bad Wildungen ) was a German Lutheran theologian , member of the consistory in Hanover and general superintendent of the general diocese of Calenberg .


After studying theology, Niemann became a pastor in his home community of Neuenkirchen near Melle in 1825 and second pastor at the Aegidienkirche in Hanover in 1828 . From 1832 to 1841 he was the second palace preacher in Hanover. In 1841 he became consistorial councilor . From 1854 to 1884 he was also general superintendent for the Principality of Calenberg. From 1856 to 1861 he was chairman of the commission for a new catechism of the Hanoverian regional church and as such was exposed to strong hostility; at times he had to be protected by the military, and his house was damaged ( Hanover Catechism Controversy ).

Works (selection)

  • Memorandum relating to the biblical lectures and a draft of a lectionary for submission to the Hannoversche Landes-Synod (Hanover 1869)
  • Outline of Christian teaching (1847)
  • Speeches from the clergy (Hanover 1875/76)
  • Old and new in lectures and treatises (Hanover 1878)
  • The right of individuality (Heidelberg 1881)
  • Our Father in ten sermons (Leipzig, 2nd edition, 1881)


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