Elbe (A 61)

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Elbe Tender Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of the Elbe tender
Commissioned: September 1, 1959
Builder: Schlieker shipyard , Hamburg
Launch: May 5, 1960
godmother: Herta Schmidtborn
Sponsored City : Lauenburg
In service: April 17, 1962
Identifier: A 61
Callsign DBZD; from December 1, 1981: DRHQ
Decommissioning: 17th December 1992
Re-commissioning March 10, 1993 for transfer to Turkey
Handover to the Turkish Navy March 15, 1993
new name: Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa (A 579)
Displacement: 2940 tons
Length over all: 98.2 m
Width: 11.8 m
Draft: 4.4 m
Propulsion system: diesel-electric
6 diesel motors of 1763 kW each
2 shafts of e-propeller motors
Range: 1625 miles at 15 knots
Crew: 163 men
Top speed: 20.5 knots

The Tender Elbe (A 61) was a supply and command ship for speedboats . He belonged to the Rhine class .


Tenders serve as supply ships for the German Navy . They provide smaller combat units ( speedboats , minesweepers , submarines ) with everything they need. In the German Navy, tenders are named after large German rivers. Two ships with the IDs A 61 and A 511 were given the name Elbe .


Elbe tender in the 4th entrance (Wilhelmshaven, 1974)

The tender entered service on April 17, 1962. It was built at the Schlieker shipyard in Hamburg. Together with 12 other ships, it belonged to the Rhine class . Within this class, the speedboat tenders were given the designation 401, the minesweeper tenders 402 and the submarine tenders the 403. However, according to the correct NATO definition, the tenders of the Rhine class were not ships , but boats , as the position of one 1st officer was not provided. The second highest officer after the commander was the 1st officer on watch ('1 WO').

The coat of arms of the Elbe tender shows the coat of arms of Lauenburg . The Elbe city has taken on the sponsorship of the tender.

After commissioning, the Elbe tender belonged to the 2nd Schnellboot Squadron, stationed at Wilhelmshaven . From November 1, 1970 he was stationed in Olpenitz . On March 1, 1982, the tender was assigned to the 7th Schnellboot Squadron, home port Kiel .


commander time
KKpt Kölzer April 1962 – September 1963
KKpt Mahrholz October 1963 – September 1964
KKpt Lottner October 1964 – March 1965
KKpt Giesecke, O. March 1965 – September 1966
KKpt Kriewitz October 1966 – March 1968
KKpt Wagner, H. April 1968 – February 1970
unoccupied March 1970 – March 1971
KKpt Wetenkamp April 1971 – September 1971
KKpt Solterbeck, KH. October 1971 – December 1973
KKpt Czubayko January 1974-June 1976
KKpt de Ahna July 1976-March 1979
KKpt Drobig April 1979 – January 1982
KKpt Fischer, KL. January 1982-March 1985
KKpt Förster, K. April 1985-May 1986
KKpt Brommenschenkel June 1986-March 1991
KKpt Munzer March 1991 – October 1992

from March 1970 to March 1971 Leutnant zS Kusche was shipyard commander in Elsfleth

Further use

The decommissioning took place on December 17, 1992. On March 10, 1993 she was put back into service and handed over to the Turkish Navy on March 15, 1993 . The tender is sailing under its new name Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Paşa (A 579) under the Turkish flag. He is used there as a training ship for the Turkish Naval School in Tuzla .

Individual evidence

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