Moose antler coral

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Moose antler coral
Acropora palmata

Acropora palmata

Class : Flower animals (anthozoa)
Subclass : Hexacorallia
Order : Hard corals (Scleractinia)
Family : Acroporidae
Genre : Acropora
Type : Moose antler coral
Scientific name
Acropora palmata
Lamarck , 1816

The elk antler coral ( Acropora palmata ) is a hard coral (Scleractinia). It is one of only three Acropora species from the Caribbean , the coasts from Florida to Venezuela , where they often dominate the upper areas of the coral reefs , which are heavily moved by waves . It received the German trivial name because of its large, shovel-like branches.


The branches of this type of coral reach a diameter of over ten centimeters. In large, monospecific stands, the ends of the branches often grow together so that they form a roof one to two meters above the substrate. The labyrinth of coral branches underneath serves as a hiding place for many fish and other animals. Over time, the gaps are then filled with sediment. Limestone layers that are 125,000 years old were also formed on the Florida Keys .

In the Riffaquaristik it does not matter. Acropora palmata is not imported.


White pox disease

Scientists have now shown that the bacterium Serratia marcescens in the elkhorn coral called White pox disease triggers. Genetic tests and laboratory tests have shown that this germ, which is deadly for corals, does not come from other animals, but from sewage from humans.


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