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Elizabeth Subercaseaux Sommerhoff (* 1945 in Santiago de Chile ) is a Chilean writer and journalist .


Elizabeth Subercaseaux is the daughter of the artist, painter and sculptor Gerda Sommerhoff , who in turn is a great-granddaughter of Clara and Robert Schumann . When she was 11 years old, her father died at the age of 42. After graduating from high school in 1967, she moved to Spain, where she worked as a journalist, including for the Madrid newspaper Nuevo Diario . It was there that she met her future husband. They had three children together and lived together for seven years before returning to Chile. During the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet , she worked as a journalist for the children's and youth magazine El Peque , taught journalism at the Universidad de Chile and worked as an interviewer. She has lived in the United States since 1990 with her second husband, literary critic and translator John J. Hassett .

Subercaseaux made her debut as a writer in 1986 with the Silendra short story collection . In her home country she is a bestselling author. Her works have so far been translated into several languages, including Korean, French, Italian and Dutch. In German language are having a week in October (2008), an almost perfect affair (2010) and The Lovers previous three works in (2011) Pendo Verlag published.


  • 1983: Los generales del régimen , (with Malú Sierra and Raquel Correa Prats )
  • 1986: Del lado de acá
  • 1989: Ego sum Pinochet (with Raquel Correa Prats)
  • 1994: La comezón de ser mujer
  • 1995: Las diez cosas que una mujer en Chile no debe hacer jamás
  • 1998: Eva en el mundo de los jaguares
  • 1998: Gabriel Valdés, señales de historia
  • 2001: Mi querido papá
  • 2003: Las diez cosas que un hombre en Chile debe hacer de todas maneras
  • 2006: Michelle (with Malú Sierra)
  • 2007: Evo: despertar indígena (with Malú Sierra)
  • 1986: Silendra
  • 1988: El canto de la raíz lejana
  • 1991: El general azul
  • 1997: Matrimonio a la chilena
  • 1999: Una semana de octubre
  • 2000: La rebelión de las nanas
  • 2001: Un hombre en la vereda
  • 2005: Reporteras
  • 2007: Asesinato en La Moneda
  • 2007: Asesinato en Zapallar
  • 2009: Vendo casa en el barrio alto
  • 2010: Un affaire casi perfecto
  • 2010: Las confidentes
  • 2011: Compro Lago Caburga
  • 2012: La última noche que soñé con Julia
  • 2013: Clínica Jardín del Este

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