Ellsworth Mountains

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Ellsworth Mountains
General map of the Antarctic with the Ellsworth Mountains

General map of the Antarctic with the Ellsworth Mountains

Map sheet with Ellsworth Mountains

Map sheet with Ellsworth Mountains

Highest peak Mount Vinson ( 4892  m )
location Ellsworthland , West Antarctica
Coordinates 78 ° 45 ′  S , 85 ° 0 ′  W Coordinates: 78 ° 45 ′  S , 85 ° 0 ′  W
surface 17,500 km²

The Ellsworth Mountains ( Engl. Ellsworth Mountains ) are the highest mountains in Antarctica . It extends in north-south orientation over a length of about 350 km, is about 50 km wide and is located on the western edge of the Filchner-Ronne ice shelf in the West Antarctic Ellsworthland . In addition to a number of other four-thousand-meter peaks, it contains Mount Vinson , Antarctica's highest mountain at 4892  m .

The Ellsworth Mountains are divided into two main chains by the Minnesota Glacier , the more northerly Sentinel Range and the Heritage Range .

The highest mountains in the Ellsworth Mountains, all of which are part of the Sentinel Range, are:

summit height
Mount Vinson 4892  m
Mount Tyree 4852  m
Mount Shinn 4661  m
Mount Craddock 4368  m
Mount Gardner 4587  m
Mount Epperly 4359  m

Geologically, the mountain range forms a unit with the Whitmoregebirge as the Ellsworth Whitmore Mountains Block .

The American polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth discovered the mountain range on November 23, 1935 on the first transantarctic flight from Dundee Island to the Ross Ice Shelf and initially named it Sentinel Range (from English sentinel , guardian ). When it turned out in the course of mapping by the USGS that they were two separate chains, the original name was limited to the higher northern one, the southern Heritage Range and the entire mountain range named after the discoverer.


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