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Emil Trachbrodt

Emil Trachbrodt (born April 9, 1852 in Dresden , † August 18, 1905 in Leipzig ) was a German bookseller and stenographer .


Emil Trachbrodt grew up in happy, if modest, middle-class circumstances. He attended the community school and learned shorthand in 1868 in a class with Oppermann. In Teplitz he was able to work as a practical stenographer as early as 1870. Several years later he found a job as a stenographer at the Deutsche Unfallversicherungsbank in Leipzig and was commissioned by the management to publish shorthand lessons for self-teaching for bank officials. When the German Unfallbank was taken over by the Reich government in 1888, he used the sum received as compensation for his pension entitlements to purchase the publishing bookstore from Friedrich Geissler, who founded it in 1857.

His publishing house published a number of shorthand works, such as Gratzmüller's biography, the stenographic wallet calendar (since 1874) and Ernst Eckstein's humoresques and his novella Maria la Brusca, to name but a few. Mainly, however, it was his trade journal Illustrirte Zeitung for Gabelsberger'sche stenographers , which was published in Leipzig in July 1878 due to the rich curriculum , which took up his labor to a high degree. A renaming in Neue Illustrirte Zeitung for Gabelsberger'sche stenographers took place in July 1884. His stenographic publisher in particular forced him into extensive correspondence, because the "Neue Illustrirte Zeitung" had subscribers and friends in numerous countries, including America, Australia, Asia and Africa. The magazine existed until 1914 and appeared monthly. His brother Arno Trachbrodt , an autograph , took over the illustrations of the magazine mentioned.

This rich and active life was to succumb to an insidious influenza which he went through in December 1904 and which settled on his heart. This nasty secondary disease of a cold, which in itself should not be taken seriously, made itself felt as early as February 1905 when he celebrated his silver wedding with his family and dear relatives and friends. On his second son's birthday he passed away gently and calmly, while the day after his funeral his eldest son was instructed to become a teacher.


  • The shorthand based on Franz Xaver Gabelsberger's self-teaching system , edited by Emil Trachbrodt. Autograph by Arno Trachbrodt. Eduard Baldamus published in Leipzig 1880.
  • The sentence abbreviation theory according to the system of Franz Xaver Gabelsberger for self-teaching , edited by Emil Trachbrodt. Autograph by Arno Trachbrodt. Eduard Baldamus published in Leipzig 1880.
  • Illustrated newspaper for Gabelsberger'sche stenographers , 1878-1884 digital
  • New Illustrirte Zeitung for Gabelsberger'sche stenographers , 1884-1914 digital
  • Ant calendar , continuation of the calendar taken over from Geissler.
  • E. Trachbrodt's shorthand calendar for 1886 and 1887.
  • Advertising stamps for greeting cards , Emil Trachbrodt (Leipzig), 1920
  • Advertising stamps "Good luck" , Mischel, Otto, 1915

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