Enfilade (architecture)

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Enfilade in Vendeuvre Castle
The red lines form enfilades

The Enfilade ( French enfiler , thread, string ' ) or space flight is a baroque architecture means . It consists of a row of rooms to form a suite , with the door openings exactly opposite each other. As a result, when the doors are open, you can see from the first room to the wall of the last room or through the window there.

The enfilade was developed in France and was used in the construction of representative secular buildings such as Hôtels particuliers (city palaces), mansions and castles . The first examples can be found during the Renaissance , but the heyday of the enfilade was the Baroque. In the time of Biedermeier which moved intimacy in the foreground and the stylistic device of Enfilade found less use.


A complete suite of rooms can be found in the Palace of Versailles . Impressive enfilades can also be found in the Schaezler Palace in Augsburg , in the Würzburg Residence , the Ludwigsburg Residence , in the New Palace in Sanssouci and in the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo (today Pushkin ) near Saint Petersburg .


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