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Louis Le Vau : Hôtel Lambert, Paris, plan with floor plan of the first floor (around 1640) and its suites or suites

A suite ( French: suite = "sequence, sequence") or suite of rooms is a sequence of rooms with a similar function and higher equipment standards, which are connected to one another or separated only by doors and together form a self-contained unit.


The term comes from the architecture of the French Baroque , when suites for individual user groups, functions or families were created in the increasingly larger castle complexes . They were often done in the form of an enfilade .

The term was adopted (similar to the name of the entire industry) from the hotel industry, which flourished a little later, and is now only used in this context.

Hotel suite with living room and bedroom


In the hotel industry , a suite is a series of at least two common rooms for sleeping, living or working , which, together with at least one full bathroom with toilet, form a shared, self-contained unit. Particularly large or lavishly equipped suites are often referred to as executive suites, presidential or princely suites and often have imaginative names.

In North America, on the other hand , a suite often describes a hotel room in which living and sleeping areas are functionally and visually separated by a room divider, but not as independent rooms by a door.

In addition to living rooms and bedrooms, suites can also include a kitchen , offices , conference rooms , additional bathrooms, a sauna , an anteroom or rooms for your own staff. In North America, suites with fully equipped kitchens can be found in apartment hotels .


Room units that deviate significantly upwards from the standard floor plan of a hotel room or are lifted out by other facilities, but which do not fully meet the definition of a suite, are usually referred to as junior suites in the hotel industry. Hotels that only offer suites are called all-suites hotels. Even in transitional forms from the hotel industry to the housing market, such as boarding houses , apartment hotels or residential buildings , suites usually represent the most demanding offer category of the house.


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