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As headmaster (stress on the first syllable; plural Ephors emphasizes on the "o"; from ancient Sparta , where five ephors occupied the highest public office, the office of the headmaster's ephorate ) were referred to in the early modern period the head of a higher education Facility. From the 18th century onwards, an ephorus is usually the head of an evangelical seminar or monastery supported by scholarships .

The term also referred to the professor responsible for the scholarship system at a university (e.g. at the University of Giessen until 1935), to whom the position of a liaison lecturer today corresponds more closely.

In the early 19th century, the title of "abbot" was given to the heads of the Protestant monastery schools in Württemberg a . a. in the monasteries Maulbronn and Blaubeuren (since then: Evangelical seminaries Maulbronn and Blaubeuren ) replaced by "Ephorus". The head of the Evangelical Monastery in Tübingen is also called this (usually a theology professor, currently the theologian and church historian Volker Drecoll ). Furthermore, the church historian Reinhold Friedrich embodies this function for the Werner-Elert-Heim in Erlangen . The pastor at the Wuppertal / Bethel Church University , the board of directors of the Collegium Philippinum of the Hessian Scholarship Institution in Marburg and the professor of the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Bonn responsible for the Adolf Clarenbach House in Bonn also bear this title.

International is the term about the mission z. B. penetrated to Indonesia .

Individual evidence

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