Erich Sichting

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Erich Sichting (born March 13, 1896 in Magdeburg ; † September 6, 1946 in Magdeburg) was a KPD politician and sports functionary.


Sichting belonged to the Arbeiter-Turn-Bund (ATB) since 1911 and belonged to the left wing of the association that was renamed in 1919 to the Arbeiter-Turn- und Sportbund ( ATSB ). After his return from military service after the First World War , Sichting became the political leader of the Kampfgemeinschaft für Rote Sporteinheit . This was close to the KPD and belonged to the Rote Sport-Internationale (RSI). Sighting became a member of the KPD.

After the takeover of the Nazi Party in 1933 dedicated Sichting in the illegality and held connection to the resistance group Müller-Kühne , the illegal newspapers Tribune and counterattack printed. In 1936 he was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for preparation for high treason . He was interned in Sachsenhausen concentration camp .

In May 1945, Sichting returned to Magdeburg. Together with the SPD member Hermann Milius and the non-party Rudi Fritz , he founded the municipal sports department of Magdeburg in August 1945, which he headed until February 1946. After the forced unification of the SPD and KPD, he became secretary of the SED's district executive .

In the late evening of September 6, 1946, Sichting was shot dead by a Russian guard.

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