Erika Reissmann

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Erika Reissmann (born April 18, 1933 ; † 2002 in Berlin-Köpenick ), code name : Ursula Richter , was the pseudonym of an agent of the foreign intelligence ( HVA ) of the State Security of the GDR .

Under the code name "Ursula Richter", as chief secretary at the Federation of Expellees, she had access to confidential documents relating to the policy on Germany and the East at the time . In order to avoid the threat of arrest , her mission was ended in 1985, the last time the then 52-year-old was seen in West Germany on August 16, 1985. Reissmann moved to East Berlin with her partner Lorenz Betzing . The Ministry of State Security did not want to order her back so as not to endanger agent Klaus Kuron . After her return she used her real name again.

After the German reunification , a criminal case was opened against Reissmann for treason , however, against payment of a fine .


Individual evidence

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