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Ernst Friedrich Weidner (born October 7, 1891 in Pasewalk ; † February 8, 1976 in Graz ) was a German Assyriologist , astronomical historian and Near Eastern archaeologist .


Ernst F. Weidner received his doctorate in 1922 at the University of Leipzig under Felix Peiser on the subject of the Babylonian fixed star sky. I. The stars of the zodiac belt . Until 1942 he worked as a journalist in Berlin and in this position founded the scientific journal Archive for Cuneiform Research in 1923 , which in 1926 became the Archive for Orient Research . He remained its editor until his death. The habilitation took place in 1942 on the subject of the reliefs of the Assyrian kings. Part 1: The reliefs in England, in the Vatican City and in Italy . At the beginning of 1943 Weidner was appointed full professor to the chair for oriental research at the Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz . First he dealt with Assyriology and astronomy , later he also turned to Near Eastern Archeology. He made particular contributions to the ancient oriental chronology . He edited several volumes of the Boghazköi cuneiform documents . He also put together a collection of more than 50 Neo-Assyrian reliefs from palace and temple complexes that were scattered across many museums around the world. Weidner is considered one of the most important cuneiform researchers of his time.

In his early days in particular, Weidner supported the ideas of Hugo Winckler and Alfred Jeremias on panbabylonism and was in contrast to the then leading German historian of Babylonian astronomy, Franz Xaver Kugler .

In 1975 he was elected a corresponding member of the British Academy .


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