Ettore Lucchesi Palli

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Ettore Lucchesi Palli, 4th Duke of Grazia

Count Ettore Carlo Lucchesi Palli (born August 2, 1806 in Palermo , Sicily , † April 1, 1864 at Brunnsee Castle in Styria ) was the fourth Duke of Grazia.


Ettore Carlo was a son of Antonio Lucchesi Palli, 7th Prince of Campofranco and 3rd Duke of Grazia (from the Sicilian house Lucchesi Palli ) and his wife Princess Maria Francesca Pignatelli. The father was steward under King Francis I of the Two Sicilies and Minister of State and Sicilian viceroy under Ferdinand II.

On December 14, 1831, Ettore allegedly secretly married in Rome the sister of Ferdinand II, the eight years older Princess Maria Karolina of Naples-Sicily , widow of the Duke Charles-Ferdinand von Berry , who was murdered in 1820 , the younger son of the later Charles X and presumptive heir to the throne of France, as well as daughter of King Franz I of Naples-Sicily and his wife Archduchess Maria Klementine of Austria , a sister of Emperor Franz II / I. In fact, the marriage did not take place until 1833, but was backdated to cover the birth of a daughter Anna Maria Rosalia (* / † 1833) of the widowed duchess, who probably arose from a relationship with her secretary. The Duchess gave birth to her daughter in French fortress custody after attempting to overthrow the July monarchy in favor of her son Henri d'Artois , Duke of Bordeaux and Count of Chambord. Since her legitimist following crumbled in the face of the affair, she was released afterwards and traveled to Sicily to see her new husband Ettore. His first name now became popular in the French version of Hector .

The marriage had four children:

  • Clementina Isabella (1835-1925)
⚭ 1856 Count Camillo Zileri-Verme (1830–1896)
  • Maria Francesca (1836-1923)
⚭ 1860 Prince Camillo Massimo di Arsoli (1836–1921)
  • Maria Isabella (1838–1873)
⚭ 1856 Count Massimiliano d'Cavriani (1833–1863)
⚭ 1864 Count Giovanni Battista d'Conti (1838–1903)
⚭ 1860 Princess Nicoletta Lucrezia Ruffo (1841–1931)
Son: Pietro Lucchesi-Palli (1870–1939)
⚭ Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Robert I of Parma

The couple acquired Brunnsee Castle in Eichfeld (Styria) in 1834 , not far from Graz , where they lived in retreat in exile from then on. In 1837 they also bought the nearby Weinburg am Saßbach Castle . Both castles are still owned by great-grandchildren from the Lucchesi Palli family. In 1844 they also acquired the Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi in Venice.