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Eulalius († 423 ) was an anti-bishop (later referred to as the anti- pope) who ruled from 418 to 419 at the same time as Boniface I. Before his election he was Archipresbyter on the Lateran .


He was elected on December 27, 418 by a part of the Roman clergy to succeed Bishop Zosimus , and a day later by the majority Boniface. After Eulalius was confirmed as the rightful bishop by Emperor Honorius , Boniface had to leave Rome . At the insistence of Boniface's supporters, the emperor called a synod , but this did not lead to an agreement between the bishops. Thereupon Eulalius returned to Rome. As a result, Boniface was confirmed as bishop by the emperor. Eulalius had to flee from Rome to Antium on April 29, 419 . After the death of Boniface in 422, Eulalius' supporters made attempts to set him up again as an opposing bishop, which failed because of his rejection.

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